Saturday, October 25, 2014

Begin Again by Nina Keegan

Zechariah 4:7
  Who are you, O great mountain? Before Zerubbabel you shall become a plain. And he shall bring forward the head stone with shouts of ‘Grace, grace to it!’”

Recently while I was cleaning out my garage I happened across a 30 gallon storage tub filled with many items that were bought with good intent and excitement for certain projects and ideas that are now  seemingly abandoned and left in the giant sea of "things I never finished"!... It got me thinking...what else in my life have I ignored and left unfinished? What happens in the gap between exuberance and disinterest?

  Lately  I feel like God has been repeatedly trying to resurrect something in my heart that He placed there long ago. He wants me to accomplish that which has remained unfinished. 

I'm sure that happens to many of us and sometimes we don't know how we could possibly begin again ...we make declarations and rationalizations about how busy we are or that maybe we would get to it later at another more convenient time.

 When God  gives you something to do, He always gives you the enabling grace to do it, regardless of how dauntingly impossible the task may seem . God's GRACE!  That wonderful enabling Grace will help us get through it with a spirit of ease that will simultaneously cause dreams to manifest and come to pass. 

 God doesn't change his mind, his plans are brilliant for us the first time when He so diligently wrote our stories and thought up every last detail and sequentially numbered the pages of our bios long before we were ever born and before one day ever came to pass. 

 We can either be obedient and walk into the promised land or we can have one more trip around the proverbial mountain!

  What is God asking you to resurrect today?  What dreams and ideas have you been laying aside? What have you been putting off in sheer avoidance or because of the enemie's voice whispering thoughts of failure,  incompetence and lack of qualifications? What has kept you at a stand still frozen in your steps? When have we become so complacent in our thinking that we would rather succeed at nothing than fail at something?

  God does not call the qualified he qualifies the called!  It's when we are obedient in the small things that He so proudly and lovingly bestows more trust in us and gives us a bigger assignment laced with blessings and manifestations all so intrinsically designed to bring him glory as endtime harvestiing witnesses for His Kingdom. I believe they're all tests that when passed, allow us to be propelled forward expeditiously into preeminent levels in our relationships with Christ. 

We should never want to be in the same place too long because we want that thirst and hunger to always be growing in our relationships with the Lord.   We want to continue to follow God's brillliant plans. Reach for it, grab it, hold onto it and never let go! Step out in faith, do it afraid but with a heartfelt trust that God is closer than your breath walking side-by-side and leading you to where He wants you to be. 

We are to grab the headstone( the final piece) see the end from the beginning..  We are to visualize our mountains being leveled! We are to bring our dreams and our purposes forth with Shouts of Grace Grace! 

We cannot do it alone.. We are nothing without God.. He is the one who causes all things to be!!  Believe wholeheartedly that we can do what He says we can do. We can do all things through him who gives us the strength (Philippians 4:13 ) He equips us with the abilities we never knew we had. We wouldn't want to take one breath without him! 

How many times have you lost your lack of vision and gotten burnt out on something that could've been a glorious victory for you?  The enemy loves nothing more than to see us abandon that which God intended for our blessing.

I believe the Lord is saying it is time to begin again, it is time to hope again, it's time to get the vision again, it is time to believe in yourself again, it is time to finish what you have started! God is the Author and the Finisher and He who began a good work will finish it in your life until the day of completion!

 God will not stop,  He hasn't given up on you, his vision for you still stands! Whatever is left unfinished, whatever you have failed to accomplish; God is saying it's time!! It's time!!  Bring it to pass with shouts of Grace, Grace!
Grace, Grace over the child that needs salvation!  Grace, Grace over the marriage that is in crisis!  Grace, Grace over that business idea!  Grace, Grace over the book that hasn't been written! Grace Grace over the dream that has been laid aside for fear of failure!  SHOUT GRACE GRACE!

  I'm declaring grace Grace over every unfinished dream ,over every unrealized calling, over every single desire of your heart that has not yet come to pass! it's time to pick it up, it's time to begin again! It's time to see the victory!  When you bring it forth with shouts of Grace, Grace all the help that you need will come running ! God does not give you an assignment and then abandon you.. He's going to help you every step of the way.. Trust In Him!
God will help you realize your dreams but He's  asking you to grab hold of it, believe! Dream Big! 

Take the first steps.. step out in faith.. do something!  Stand up for something or fall for everything! It's time for your old dreams to be resurrected!  It's never too late to begin again! What dream have you laid aside? it's time to go pick it up again! in Jesus name I pray ! Amen!