Sunday, February 19, 2012

So here it goes!!!!

If someone had told me even a week ago, that I would be writing a blog about God and His everyday awesomeness!!!!( is that even a word?)... Well... It is now!! Can't think of a better word to describe the wonderful day to day, amazing, miracles that God orchestrates in our lives! The above and beyond the call of duty kind of stuff that can only be from Him. The Creator of the entire universe actually has time for me, for all of us!! Not just time, but He has a well organized, fully planned out , amazingly detailed plan, a design so complex, it rivals that of an architectual engineering blue print for an entire city full of the most awe inspiring buildings.

God has that type of plan for all of us!!

I believe that there really are no coincidences in life. I think we are all where we are supposed to be, on the way to where we are going. If we stay focused and trust God to lead us down our paths that he has designed for each one of us, we can avoid a lot of calamity along the way. The road is not always beautifully paved and lined with flowering shrubs, it most often can have many bumps, pot holes, steep hills and detours. If we know that no matter the road conditions, we are on that road because its God will for us to be there, then I believe it will make our trip much more bearable. Just knowing that when we are obedient, His constant presence in our lives, will help us a long the way. We will get to live the life of victory and favor that God's one and only son died for us to have. That is beyond any kind of love we are even capable of, yet that is how much God loves us!!

When I felt like God wanted me to start a blog, I wanted to look around to see who He really meant....surely He did not mean me!!!! Never even read any blogs... but... I know by now that when God wants you to do something, just do it and avoid the pot holes... because I have never really known God to change His mind.... His plan!!!

When God said to name the blog,"God said to put down the cake!" ummmm thinking ...." OK God is that some kind of fat joke because I really dont eat cake??" God's reply, " its a metaphor for laying all things down..."
Me....." Ummm ok then"!! So here I am writing a blog about cake thats got nothing to do with cake. Why me I wonder... because I am like everyone else, just trusting God to keep me and my family on the right path each and everyday. I am enjoying the smooth pavement and praying through the pot holes and bumps like we all face each day!
When we can learn to smile on the bumpy road knowing its only temporary, We will get to where we need to be faster and always smarter because many wonderful lessons are learned on that bumpy road!!
I look forward to writing and sharing God moments in my life and hearing yours too
Have a blessed day!!!!!

I have had so many wonderful day to day God experiences. Its amazing to be able to share those stories to encourage others on their own walks with God.

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  1. Mitch also always reminds me there are no coincidences. It is all part of God's plan, as long as we surrender control to Him. I look forward to more, Nina. You are right, I have been surprised before by directions God takes me, but I always find the blessings in it sooner or later. Love you so much sister.