Friday, February 24, 2012

Staying in Gods will

We have an adorable, 2 year old , crazy, hilariously funny, peekapoo, dog named Zoe that pretty much runs the house. She is very loved and to call her spoiled would be an understatement.
About a week ago, said spoiled dog had gotten into the kitchen garbage and skillfully managed to rescue the remains of a red velvet cake!!!
My dog, thinking she had just won the lotto, came proudly over to me draging that giant chunk of red cake, blissfully happy with her accomplishment, she plopped the cake down at my feet...
I of course had to be the evil, dessert stealing, kill joy that promptly retrieved the red blob of cake and the endless crumbs from her grasp... I suddenly went from being her absolute best friend to public enemy number one. I felt so awful taking her beloved prize, she would not understand why she could not sit down and indulge on a half pound of cake, she layed down so defeated...
So why the long dog story on a Blog about God?
I thought about God and how He must feel every time He has to take something away from us or when we ask Him for something He knows we should not have. We are always praying for something, that dream job we can't seem to land, material items, or for Him to change people in our lives... The list is endless and ever changing.

As the Bible states in Jeremiah 29:11 , God has a plan for our lives, a plan for good and not for evil. A plan to bless us, yet sometimes we just cannot understand why we are not getting what we are praying for. We just don't feel those blessings.
We are His children and He knows what is best for us, there may be many reasons why God chooses not to give us certain things. We may never undersrand it or ever know those reasons, it may not even begin to make sence, but we must learn that its all a part of His elaborate plan for us. I believe He must feel like I did when I could not let Zoe feast on cake. God understands our hurts and frustrations at not getting our way but only He knows the plan.
I thought about that for a while and realized if we would only start praying and asking God for His will in our lives, for the blessings He wants us to have, we would really never be disapointed.
We should pray that He slams those doors shut that we should never go through and throws open wide the bigger and better doors and aims us right at them.

Maybe we get so busy asking for the wrong things that we miss the right ones!! After all, would you really want something that God does not want you to have anyway? I know I do not want anything in my life that will lead me off the path He has designed for me.
I feel there is a peace in just knowing that God's working it all out and that He will tell us , like I told Zoe, to put the cake down!!! When we understand that it is all for our own good, we will be able to look back someday and say "Ahhhhh I get it now, Thank You God!!!!!!"

Have a blessed and wonderful day!!

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  1. Wow. This was a good one. This REALLY spoke to me. Thank you for this. I am going to be sharing this story with my kids and friends. I don't think I would have made that connection, but it's perfect.