Thursday, May 24, 2012

Never Give Up!! By Nina Keegan- Owens

I remember being asked this thought provoking question on the essay portion of a college entrance exam once. "What is your favorite word and why?"
After careful consideration, I selected the word perseverence. Why? Well for starters, there is a great deal of hope surrounding that word! Hope encourages us to pursue our dreams. Persevering means overcoming obstacles, never giving up reguardless of how daunting our circumstances may be. It means to keep going, keep moving forward, it means you don't let anyone or anything prevent you from pursuing your goals and fufiling your dreams. Perseverence means striving for high achievement and remaining positive and fearless even when it seems like all the odds are stacked against you.
Simply put, I believe that perseverence is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did!

Are you one of those people that gets very passionate about a new challenge or about starting a new job or pursuing a new project? Maybe you are one of those" AH HA, great idea, filled people but you just can't seem to follow through with what you start. You may lose interest easily, get frustrated and feel like it's just not working out. Your monentum gets stifled. You may lose focus or be at a loss as to what actions to take next, and you either quit or shelve the whole idea entirely and chalk it up to a bad expirience. You may begin to doubt your idea ever had potential in the first place, the negative self talk gets louder, "I'm just not cut out for this!""This will never work out right!" "It's just not a worth while project!"The chatter never ends until finally we are so convinced that we were wrong about our thoughts and ideas that our focus completely shifts to a negative mind set and a defeatest attitude. That attitude is so filled with insecurities that it causes us to refrain from entertaining any additional ideas in the future.

Why are we so afraid to fail? We must experience failures to appreciate our successes. Each time we fail at something, it forces us to find a new solution, to rethink things, to work harder and to make necessary changes. Failing helps us find a new plan of attack, one that can result in an even more possitive outcome than the original. Trial and error reapetedly produces results. Failures push us to Persevere and it can give us an irrevokable will to succeed. Without perseverence, we may never know how close we had come to the finish line. If we quit, we may never have realized that the prize was so tangible, it was right within our grasp and if we only had just a touch more faith in ourselves and a trust that the Lord Himself wants us to succeed, to prosper and live in confidence, we may have given it one more shot. Giving up should never be an option! Each time you quit, you leave behind infinite knowledge and workable solutions and you lose a piece of yourself by not riding out the storm.

Nothing worth while ever comes easily, hard work will eventually pay off. By persevering you build stamina, confidence, wisdom, security and a strong work ethic. You will get out of something exactly what you put in. The cream always rises to the top. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I read that it took Thomas Edison about 10,000 prototypes before he invented the light bulb! Thank God he persevered and did not stop at 30 tries, 100 , or even 5,000!!! Why would he ever continue trying after that many failed attempts?? His determination caused him to rise up above it all. He pushed on until he finally had his break through. He had an organized answer, a solution to an need and now we can all enjoy the benefits of his success!

The last key on the ring may be the one that opens the door....

Gal 6:9 says Do not be weary in doing good, you will reap a harvest if You do NOT give up.

Phil 4:19 says you can do ALL things through Christ that gives you strength.

Be challenged to be resiliant to see things through to completion. The world may be telling you to give up but hope whispers to try again one more time...

Heavenly Father,
Please help us to have the strength to finish what we start and to never give up on our dreams!! Thank you in Jesus name!!

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