Saturday, June 2, 2012

Happiness Is A Choice by Nina Keegan

I was reading an article recently about the divorce rate and the sad statistics of actually staying married these days... They really are quite bleak, but what I found really interesting was that one of the top reasons stated for divorce was that one of the parties just was not happy any more, or their spouces no longer made them happy.

I started thinking about how many times I had actually heard those words from different people over the years. "I'm just not happy any more!" People act like its someone elses job to make them happy. Like someone owes them something. It is quite the opposite, we must first be happy with ourselves before we can ever be happy with another person.

Nobody is in charge of our happiness but ourselves. We can actually choose to be happy!! Yes, happiness is a choice, one we can make each and every day reguardless of what the circumstances in our lives may be.
Happiness is a by product of joy, pure joy. We get to harvest that happiness each day just by making the decision to do so.

Every day in our lives may not be happy but there is something to be happy about every day! It's all in the matter of how we view things. Our perspective of what we think happiness should be can be very skewed. Happiness is so subjective. We are all so trained through constant commercialism and advertising that our joy comes from having an abundance of the latest material items, money and possessions. We are basically taught that we cannot be happy unless we have what everyone else has. Metaphorically speaking, we always think the grass is greener in our neighbor's back yard.

Some people will go their entire lives never enjoying or noticing the blessings that were right there in front of them because they were always in the hot persuit of the so called definition of happiness. Is it a certain status? Having money? A bigger house? More friends? Vacations? None of those things can cause lasting, meaningful, happiness. While we can be happy during some of these times or experience bits of joy during fleeting, temporary, moments. The lasting, eternal, happiness I am talking about comes straight from having a close, personal, relationship with our loving Creator. It is rooted in a peace that comes from trusting the Lord to handle all your cares, worries, and problems so you can relax and have joy and happiness in His Presence. It's knowing He loves you and wants to bless you everyday if you only ask. Happiness is not a simple word that can defined easily, it is different for every human soul, but rest assured your individual, radiant happiness will begin to inhabit your mind the minute you decide it's time to be happy!
We can speak happiness over ourselves, we can declare that we will have unspeakable joy in our lives like the scriptures promise us we can have.

The Bible also tells us that our words will not return to us void (Isaiah 55:11). That works both ways, when we speak words negatively or positively over our lives, we are calling those things to be. Our words will eventually become our truths.
If you say you can or you say you can't, either way you are right !

By choosing to be happy we can start seeing ourselves the way God sees us and we will start acting accordingly .

Happiness is letting go of all we think we need or want and remembering to be thankful for all we have.

(Ecc 3:12) says, For I know there is nothing better than for man to be happy always and find joy in doing good.

Happiness is helping others that cannot do anything for you in return.
It is never letting any negative memories from the past invade your future. It does not come from mindless pleasure but from simple victories. It's endless toothy smiles and a contagious laughter. Happiness can be a result of being entirely to busy to be miserable. It is having a wonderful hobby, a charity, a purpose that motivates us to be the best us we can be. It's using all the talents God gives us in uniquely remarkable ways.
Happiness is a conscious choice not an automatic response. It is an emotional state of mind and a well being that is charactorized by being positive. Happiness is a daily attitude of gratitude, it is pausing to count our blessings and being in awe of how many we really do have. It is cherishing our time with spouses and families. It is the awareness that we are fearfully and wonderfully made and that God has orchestrated an amazing plan for each of our lives.

Happiness does not depend upon who you are or what you have, but solely on how you think and your perception of life and it's vast importance. It is knowing you matter, you count! God made you with an individual higher purpose that only you have. You have unique gifts and certain talents that no one else has, by seeking God you will begin to discover these gifts. In other words, find God, find your bliss!
Happiness is like an art form where by we are the creators, we get to design our own happiness, we all have the blank canvas, and a vast assortment of brilliantly colored paints, so start painting! We can make adjustments and refine our own joy by emphasizing our strengths and focusing on the good, while simultaneously trumping the bad and the negative. The more we begin to do just that the lesser the bad becomes and the more joy you will have. By keeping God as our primary life source, we can remain focused on the good, stay joyful, and grow more and more content until being happy becomes a welcomed habit!

We need to start each day seeking God first , basking in His blessings , soaking up all the good, the beautiful, and the peaceful, thoughts we can to last us through our busy days and start declaring that on this and all of our days we will make the wise choice to be grateful and blissfully happy!

Thank you Father that we can choose You each day and let You be the source of our happiness and not what the world is offering... We are so thankful for all of our blessings we praise you in Jesus name!

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