Sunday, July 8, 2012

Does Everyone Really Win? By Nina Keegan -Owens

There is all this talk these days about the"Generation X", the so called now generation of young adults that carries with it such a huge negative portrayal. The particular studies of this certain demographic show how while not all, many feel a ceaseless sense of entitlement, have expectations of grandeur and are constantly seeking instant gratification. Specifically, they want the high paying jobs without paying their dues and putting in the time to prove their worth. They want all the newest, latest and greatest toys, gadgets, cars, homes and purchase them on credit and worry about making the rising interest payments later. They want the perks without the works! They seem quite lost and without a clear focus to drive them forward, they want over night success, and when they do not get it they become easily frustrated and quit trying all together. The give up society! There is no stick-to-itiveness attitudes these days. What has changed over the years that has lead us to be such a selfish nation of "wanna be's"?

If I were just going to compare my own life growing up to that of my two sons that are now young adults, to that of small elementary children today. The answer is in fact is very apparent to me.
Let's start with, "Everyone get's a trophy!" "Everyone is a winner!" Yes everyone whether you were the absolute stand out, the talented MVP of the team or whether you sat the bench, never came to practice and had a complacent, negative attitude, you too received a glorious shiny trophy, a chunk of marble with a plastic gold figure depicting the "sport de jour," to take home and proudly display in your room.
Of course every kid getting a hunk of metal and plastic to take home does not make or break an entire society of the human race, but it is kind of the theme these days, a metaphor! Everyone wins, everything needs to be fair and equal.. No one is realizing how actually unfair and harmful it is to let everyone win at everything everytime!

So some people may think this sounds kind of harsh, but I believe this whole system is wrong for a couple of reasons.
First, you create a world whereby kids feel like they never have to work hard at anything to have success. They get the message that success comes easily and without effort. Kids then fail to learn, to plan, think, problem solve, and achieve based on their own merits. They then as young adults do not go in search of their own niche, gather their own dreams and goals. They tend to want to just coast by on the coat tails of others. The problem is, those coat tails can become frail and wear out quite rapidly. They have nothing to strive for when the prize gets handed out so randomly..This creates a lazy, self indulgent, society that feels like they are always owed something for nothing. They never realize the value of hard work, they never really gain a full appreciation of the pay off one gets for all their strong efforts. They get a false sense of accomplishment and end up being afraid to fail because they really never have. One cannot ever fully appreciate success without having experienced some failures.

The second reason is, what happens to those who actually did work hard, put in all the effort, the time, the sweat, tears and pain? Is it fair to those that live it, breathe it, and go the extra mile every day to achieve their goals and dreams? Is it fair to those that sacrifice daily, and stay disaplined. The stop at nothings that are continuously striving to better themselves, setting and reaching goal after endless goal only to see their lazy counterparts lap up the same rewards for doing exactly nothing!
What would keep them motivated to continue working so very hard if everything is going to be equal anyway? They eventually too will lose their edge, their confidence, their resilience, their drive and determination to succeed.They feel failed by the system. Why should all benefit from the hard work of a select few? They eventually get burned out, having to put forth all the efforts to carry the others that put forth none. They eventually feel defeated and stop trying their best as well. We eventually produce a mediocre, inferior, society that lacks motivation, creativity, and a strong work ethic.
Nothing then has prepared the youth of today for the real world of tomorrow.

There is an old addage that says, if you give a man a fish, he eats for the day, but if you teach him to fish he eats for his life.
We all need to learn how to cast the proverbial pole and fish!! We must learn for ourselves so we can teach our kids that you do not get something for nothing, that hard work and determination will always pay off. You will see the fruits of your labor. Learn what it means to achieve, persevere and accomplish. If you want something bad enough, you can make it happen for yourself. Be dilligent reguardless of what your talents or your limitations are. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard! Have the courage and intuition to follow your own dreams and carve out a unique path for yourself, stop the copy cat mentality and do what you yourself are good at. If you will do what you can God will do what you can't.

He becomes poor who works with a slack and idle hand, but the hand of the dilligent makes rich..

Success is awarded to those who live and dream endless possibilities and make it a habit to turn those possibilities into realities. The conflicts and battles we may encounter while on the road to success only offer benefits to us in the long run because we learn through endurance and struggle, trial and error to adapt ourselves to new situations. We have a choice each day to either make ourselves miserable or make ourselves strong, the effort is all the same. There is a huge difference between failing and not trying... So always try harder!!!!

( proverbs 12:24)
Work hard, become a leader. Be lazy, never succeed....

Heavenly father, help us to work hard and follow our own dreams and goals and to always give it our all. Help us to stay focused on you and motivated as we strive for excellence . In Jesus name we pray...


  1. "There is an old addage that says, if you give a man a fish, he eats for the day, but if you teach him to fish he eats for his life."

    Teach him how to sell his fish and he eats whatever he wants.