Monday, July 16, 2012

Love Letters from Nina Keegan

How does God, our wonderful, glorious heavenly Father, the King of all Kings the creator of the entire, miraculously infinite universe communicate with each and every one of us?
When we as Christians become saved we simultaneously open wide the spiritual flood gates that let the beautiful, and knowledgeable mind of God penetrate our very being. It rocks us to our core thus providing us with an amazingly pure love and wisdom beyond anything we could ever imagine. Yes God does communicate with us, He only just requires us to have our minds and our hearts open and ready to hear Him when we pray and He needs us to sit silently focusing on Him while patiently awaiting His rebuttal.

Our hectic, busy, noisey, self centered lives can keep us distracted and more focused on our problems and our "to do" lists than on our loving God. Our prayer times can often be rushed and hurried or even scarce. Sure we take the time to pour it all out, spill our guts, our lengthy list gets read off, line by line and our prayer requests get checked off. We tell, ask God for everything on our ever changing prayer scroll. Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in ourselves that our prayers can rival a child on Santa's knee parading the wish list of all the new toys we want and feel deserving of this year. We dont skip a beat as we pray. We barely come up for air, "God please change so and so, can you help me with this or that? Can I? Would you please?"
We zip through it all, not even pausing to take a breath, we have it basically all memorized, it's always the same maybe with a few new add-ons and changes thrown in here and there. Often during our prayer time, our minds are flooded with all the things we need to get done that day, our attention is constantly shifting as we drift in and out of the presence of God. We look at the clock, panic, and just like that... prayer time is over! It's like we invite God over for morning tea but send Him out the door before he gets to even have one sip!
God is left sitting there, we leave Him hanging, having not gotten a word in edgewise. We are supposed to be in a relationship with Him. A close intimate, loving, personal, relationship that requires both talking and listening. A conversation we need for our souls, and food for our hearts. How many other of our earthly relationships would last if they were as one sided as our often times extremely lopsided relationship is with God? We need to give Him all the glory, time, love, praise and gratitude He deserves each time we decide to go to Him in prayer.

(Jeremiah7:23) Because I listen to and obey God's voice, He will be my God and I will be one of His people.

We need to stop, be still, concentrate, fully listen to and pay attention to the still, small, voice of God. Give yourself the luxury of being up close and personal with the One who created your very existance. He has abundant blessings and priceless information laced into those precious conversations that He longs to have with us. Each priceless conversation is a blessing, a supernatural miracle, a chance to hear from God. God sends His Holy Spirit to set up shop and be the gate keeper of our minds, and the protector of our hearts and souls. The Holy Spirit becomes the conduit by which God sends His messages to us. The more time we spend practicing, listening and meditating on His word, the sooner and more efficiently we will be able to undoubtedly know and discern the voice of God. You will hear your conscious well up within you and lead you toward the answers you have been waiting to hear. God envelopes your total consciousness and is there to reprogram us and redirect our paths and to carry us straight through, step by precious step to that higher place, the awesome purpose to which we are called.
If God is trying to tell you something important, He will keep trying, but how much quicker could we be on our way to subtle victories and prayers answered if we had taken the time out to listen sooner than later?

(Deuteronomy 28:1)
Because I listen diligently to the voice of the Lord my God, being watchful to do all His commandments which He commands me this day, the Lord will set me High above all the nations of the earth.

God also communicates to us through His written word, spending time reading God's word gives you an arsenal of heavenly protection. You may be reading the Bible when a verse seems to leap off the page to you, or you suddenly find yourself completely focused on a certain scripture that happens to line up with or coincide with some questions or concerns you may be presently dealing with. You may feel prompted or lead to read specific scriptures that never really impacted you before but are stand outs to you now.
I think of these little serendipitous readings as if they are personalized love letters from God. His loving words to His children... He has written a message, a note to us in the Bible concerning any and all issues we could ever face. The more we get to know the Bible and study and rely on God's word, the more of God's sweet love letters we shall receive. We can store them up in our hearts and minds so as to arm ourselves with joyous wisdom and peace of mind when we are faced with every day trials and tribulations. We can line up every tough situation with the answers God provides us through His glorious word. There is always an answer, a solution, a promise, a reason and a purpose for everything.

Start Spending meaningful, uninterupted quality prayer time with God. Give Him time to talk and to move in you as you sit patiently and silently. Get to fully know Him, recognize His voice and trust Him with all your secrets, worries, cares and concerns. Thank him for your joys, your blessings and your life and praise Him for absolutely everything. Worship your time with Him, cherish your sweet love letters and never miss out on the daily tea party with God!!! "Honey or sugar, one lump or two?"

(proverbs 30:5)
Every word of God is tried and purified, He us a sheild to those who trust and take refuge in Him.

Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

Heaveny Father, we long to hear your voice! Please give us the patience to wait on you as we take the time to both pray and listen.
We love you!
In Jesus name

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