Sunday, February 15, 2015

Prayer for Personal Revival by Nina Keegan

"Father.. Create in us this Day a divine urgency,  a holy discontent.. A reverential dissatisfaction that would manifest in us a personal revival. 

We seek your presence in  complete adoration as we open our hearts to receive your Holy correction delivered and bound in your unconditional love.

...Break us, soften us and humble us to receive your redeeming spirit. Ready us for the revival we seek.

  I ask for a Godly interruption of our wrong and limited thinking, increase our intersession for our own hearts and souls..

 Wise men welcome correction and correction received brings significant growth and unlimited change. 

Holy Spirit infuse us, consume us with your perfect truth and purest wisdom. Open our hearts in a beseeching revelation, break the routine..the mundane.. sever the tie that numbs us to your what your heart wants.. 

We wholeheartedly invite you into our lives with your decisive plan of action for deliberate and concise change in us.. Do it again. It's time for a glorious Revival! Do it.. Do the miraculous again! 

Enlarge us in the territory we are about to enter and occupy.. Let our thoughts be steadfast and in complete unison with your perfect will.

 Let your seeds of change be forever planted in the fertile soil of our desperately yearning hearts!  Revival ... Bring Revival  in us , through us , and for us! Yes...Do it again! 

 We  wholeheartedly praise  you and thank you sweet Father.. In Jesus name we pray..Amen"

Nina Keegan 

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