Sunday, March 8, 2015

Then Suddenly by Nina Keegan

Then Suddenly..

God is saying that when the enemy was chasing the Israelites out of Egypt...the Red Sea was in front of them ..but the miracle was in the sea, the miracle was in the impossible! 

   This is a time to advance, God will empower you with a staff to part the Red Sea in your life; whatever your enemy is, whatever your struggle is, family, financial, health, oppression, depression anything...what ever giant is in front of you, you will conquer! You have been authorized to break your chains with the authority available to you in Jesus Christ..

He's giving you a staff to remind you of your strength in Him. He's supplying you with enabling grace to part your Red Sea and watch it turn into a dry desert bed that you can walk across safely and with ease.
  The Lord says He wants you to begin to raise your expectations..He is getting ready to do marvelous things on your behalf! 
 When the people of Israel fled Egypt running for their lives followed by all of Pharaoh's army.. they wound up at the beach of the Red Sea... Imagine that feeling of great fear and utter pandemonium, the feeling of defeat and complete devastation..

But God... Yes... God! He then SUDDENLY pulls off the most impossible to imagine, mind blowing, miracle!

  It never entered the minds of the Israelites that right then and there God would perform a spectacular event, A SUDDEN MIRACLE!  He would open an entire Sea,  He would part an entire ocean for them and let them cross safely on dry ground, a surreal path etched through the impossible .. barricaded with enormous walls of water hedging each side. 

   God would then swallow up all of their enemies; the horse and rider and chariots alike with giant sweeping waves as the sea was commanded to flow back into its trough ...

Can you imagine witnessing this astonishing supernatural phenomenon? 

This is how our loving God moves and operates on our behalf.. There is nothing that He is not prepared to do for us.. There is no rescue mission to hard or to risky for God.. You are worth it to Him.. You matter and He will never abandon you to be devoured by your Red Sea.
  "Get ready for the unexpected miracle"says the Lord .."the unexpected blessings you have not even fathomed."

  The Lord says "I have already destroyed your enemy through the blood my Son has shed on the Cross... I want you to release the sound of victory, the sound of triumph, the sound of praise, the horse and rider have already been trampled into the sea and washed away in the crashing waves."

God is making ways for you.. He's clearing the path..divine victory is at hand.. Hallelujah!

 Rejoice! the enemy has been destroyed under your feet! The miracle is in the trial you face because God is all powerful to go before you and use what the enemy has meant for harm to bring to you complete restoration, victory, and a testimony of unparalleled  proportion.

 Do NOT look back..  Through your unseen faith and determined declaration that God is who He says He have crossed your Red Sea and have been planted safely and freely on the other side..   

Keep your eyes straight ahead on your miracle maker Jesus Christ who is deserving of all praise and glory...

Is there anything to hard for Him? Ask yourself..How BIG is possible? 
Genesis 50:20
You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.

Matthew 19:26
Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

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