Thursday, March 5, 2015

Keep Your Eyes On Jesus by Nina Keegan

 I find myself increasingly shocked everyday when I watch the news or see the covers of the celebrity magazines in the grocery store..  What is going on in this world today..? Where do we draw the line between the Godly and the Godless? The line it would appear seems to be getting quite blurry.. In fact the anything goes mentality is flooding our morals and we become desensitized to  real truth..

 Job 36:17
 But you are obsessed with whether the godless will be judged.
Don’t worry, judgment and justice will be upheld.

Many of the us these days are questioning why it appears that the wicked of this world are seemingly prevailing in their evil schemes and living a prosperous life style. 

  Why does it appear that people who are not even remotely living for God seem to "have it all"?
  The answer is very simple .. They don't! 

 They are living for the here and now, contagiously void of all the blessings of Heaven that can only be acquired through a relationship with Christ. 
The time we spend on earth is a mere counterfeit speck in comparison to the time spent in Eternity with our loving Creator and Heavenly Father limitlessly enjoying thought defying fathomability to the magnitude of peace, joy and brilliance our Father has in store for us. 
  We are not to be deceived, God himself reserves the right to be jealous and the carry out vengeance upon the wicked we must never be obsessed with the apparent unfairness the eye can see. 

  We must look to our own lives stay in repentance asking for forgiveness and continuously try to be a demonstrative example of God's love here on earth.

  We must display to the very best of our limited human capabilities, a life that follows the pathway of Jesus.  We should incessantly be exemplifying God's pure light to others. 

God is tolerant in His love and intolerant of our sins. He will not allow sin to go unchecked forever. 

  Many people wonder why God doesn't immediately punish evil as it happens ..

  We must remember this; that if He did punish evil immediately, none of us would be here... We would rid the world of it's habitants.

   We all need to be thankful that God gives us renewed chances and time to repent and turn back to Him. 
 He gives us mercy and an allotted grace period to look inside ourselves in revelation and see our evil ways and steadfastly turn away from them. 

 He implores us to hand our lives over to Him, the One who can restore, forgive, and redeem us. No person on earth can safely defy God .. He is after all the creator of all the universe.. There is nothing that unnoticeably slips past Him. 

 People who refuse to believe this concept, to them, God's punishment will be like an angry vengeful fire! To those who love Him and fear Him, His mercy will be a safe haven and a privileged refuge. 

  The Bible says that God's enemies will be swept away like a flood ....the relationship we have with God, either way, is decidedly left to our own accord...

 God sets before us a fork in the path,  every time we stray even the slightest bit towards  the calls of sin and a life drifting away from God, we will pay an enormous price. Sin has a cost! We may not immediately see the consequences of our actions and simultaneously we may think we've gotten away with something and with that in mind ,we simply drift a little more and a little more. Even still, not having witnessed the looming ramifications in our lives, we feel as though we have pulled one over on God..

 But.... There it is... The but...before we know it, we are so far away.. So lost... we are creviced deeply into the wrong path. This path of wrongs  winds haphazardly through our life stealing all it can from our basket of contentment and joy. Getting off this wretched detour, mirrors the impossible. 

  After a brief time in our life of sin we slowly become blind and deaf to the things of God ...We no longer can see Him or hear Him because we've drifted so far off course. We cannot see the path that He has prepared for us any longer.. It's blurry,  we are drowning in the muddy, murky, bumpy, pothole filled road of despair and destruction that leads to nowhere but heartache, pain,  more sin and  irrevocable crimes against Christ.
 He sees it ...yes, do not get this wrong...God sees it all! 
 You are NOT getting away with anything.. we can never hide anything from God!  He knows what you're going to do before you do it, but He's always standing right there; Steadfastly and sturdily waiting on the main road with open arms ready to receive us, ready to welcome us back,  ready to help us in our painstaking turnaround...

 He does not abandon us to our own wickedness, He helps us climb out of this vast pit that we've created for ourselves through sin, guilt and condemnation . 

His outstretched arm is reaching deep .. It's never too short to grab us from the depths. 

  We can call on His name.. JESUS.. He will not let us go. He redeems! He is our vindicator. 

  Our sin however comes with price tag..there will be consequences; make no doubt about it.  For our time immersed in disobedience there will be ramifications. God alone has the right to be jealous and carry out His vengeance on our wrong doing. We don't want to be acting in a spirit of selfishness... it's appropriate for God to insist on us having complete allegiance to Him always. It is just for God to punish unrepentant evildoers, and to bring retribution for our selfish choices.

 God's ultimate purpose for us is to set us free from our bondage so as we can live completely for Him and restore back to us the peace and joy that His Son died for us to have.
 God will display His mighty power in the whirlwind and in the storm. we must make a choice today to call on the name of Jesus and live under God's grace, His guidance and within His guidelines and covenant for our lives. 

Justice will be served in the world. God will settle all accounts! Stay on His path only and do not be tempted to stray .. 

The Lord is a strong refuge when trouble comes. He is close to those who trust in him. He will sweep away his enemies in an overwhelming flood, He will pursue His foes into the darkness of night why would you ever scheme against the Lord ? He will destroy you with one blow He won't need to strike twice

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