Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Step By Step.... By Nina Keegan


When God does things, He does it in a very orderly and specific way, nothing is haphazard or thought about last-minute ..our God is very organized.  A creative genius, no stone has been left unturned but each thing in its own right has been brilliantly planned out with every detail spilling into existence in the perfect order..  Deliberate Exactness !

God used order in organizing, creating and maintaining life. 

Our world and our universe were created so purposefully as each step was birthed through the authoritative Word and spoken by God so deliberately and with assured direction. pulsed into existence, all at the perfect time... All in the perfect order.

There was an order in the manner in which God created the universe it was a step-by-step process. Then as we see in Exodus 13:18 it says that The children of Israel were led out of Egypt in orderly ranks ...and that most assuredly was no easy feat since there were approximately 3 million people..  but God had an order about it, The Israelites steps were ordered of the Lord and he brought them out each step of the way...

 Had they known ahead of time all the hardships and trials and stories that would unfold on their journey it would've been way too much for them to handle ...God allows us to only see things step-by-step so that we must trust him, we must fully rely on Him. Stay close to God knowing and understanding that He is in our tomorrows, He's already there..and we can face those ordered steps with him.

Doing things step-by-step and God's way through steadfast obedience brings success because it's about  a relationship with our creator and trusting that God doesn't take us to far to fast or give us things we are not yet ready for.

Many times we want
 "Insta-God" we want Him to just show up and supernaturally change our circumstances and fix all of our problems. We want instant gratification ...we don't like being uncomfortable we don't like leaving our comfort zone, we want what we want and we want it now!

But there is a method to what God is doing in our lives, there is always a definitive order about it..our steps are ordered of the Lord the Scripture says..
In order to be in complete obedience to God we must be orderly and we must accept things the way God has ordained them...

We want to go from A- straight to Z with no stops, detours or pauses in between, but there's so many lessons to be learned in the valleys that cause us to grow, stretch in our faith and to become prepared for the blessings to come... 

In Deuteronomy chapter 7 verse 22 it says the Lord your God will drive out those nations ahead of you little by little He will not clear them away all at once...

It goes on to say that if they were to clear the way to quickly it would not be good for them...

God knows what he's doing "He's God"!

Yes Moses told the Israelites that God would destroy Israel's enemy but not all at once ..God had the power to destroy those nations instantly but He chose to do it in stages "little by little"  and in the same way and with the same power God can miraculously and instantly change our lives..

However, God often chooses to help us gradually...wisely teaching us one lesson at a time. Rather than expecting instant spiritual maturity, we grow through pain, it has a purpose..   we can't expect instant solutions to all of our problems ..God wants us to look to him ...step out in faith and work out things through faith and obedience.

Many times we must wrestle with ourselves in order to get to the place of complete surrender.

We need to slow down and work things out one step at a time trusting God so that we can stay exactly on the step we were meant to be on. ..

 We must trust that God's timing is perfect and that he's taking us through each stage as we are ready to receive it and when we're ready to grow through it ..

We will someday look back at a miraculous transformation that has occurred in our lives with gratitude knowing that we would certainly never change a thing.. That the character God has built up in us has strengthened us and readied us for the future! 

We will be so much stronger, wiser and blessed as a result of having done things orderly and in God's perfect timing!

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