Sunday, July 9, 2023

Believe !

Begin to believe, I want to encourage you to begin to trust God to do something great in your life. I always say, I'd rather believe God for a lot and get some of it than believe for nothing and get it all. We serve a big God, and we can come boldly to the throne room of grace and ask… God is eager to bless us!

The devil wants you to only believe for nothing so that he can give it all to you. He wants you to lose your faith, to stay in worry, lack, and disbelief. God wants you to believe for something big, because all things are possible with Him. Have a vision for your life and don't let it go! 

Habakkuk. 2:2 says to write down the Vision so plainly that anyone who passes by can see it. Write some things down on paper that you are trusting God to do in your life. Find scriptures that back those promises up and speak them out loud declaring victory over those promises every day… 

When you are tempted to think that nothing is happening, and your prayers are not being answered, speak them again, and again... never let that vision go. Keep speaking it until your promise manifests. In the waiting period, be filled with hope and expectation… We should expect victory, because, God said overwhelming victory is ours in Christ Jesus… Be a person of purpose… God is an on-time God… He knows what we need, and He knows how to get it to us… We must get a hold of the promise and never waver, don't throw in the towel, but stay the course … If you believe you shall receive… That's what the Bible says… Study God's  promises, declare that you are expecting to see them come to pass in your life… Stand victoriously! ...

Make faith your way of life, it is how we are to live. We need faith to build successful lives… Remember, we are Overcomers and overwhelming victory is ours in Christ Jesus

Speak God's word… 

The vision God has given me is for an appointed time in the future and it hurries toward fulfillment; it will not fail, even though it delays, I wait patiently for it, because it will certainly come! 

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