Sunday, July 9, 2023

The Truth!!

John 8:32
You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free

The reality of this verse is that the only truth that will make us free is not the truth we hear, but the truth we apply to our lives. 

The truth in scripture is different from what most would call truth. The average person would probably define truth as correct information. But the biblical definition is more in line with reality from God's perspective. Jesus described himself as the way, the TRUTH, and the life. We can conclude, then that truth is an observation from Christ's point of you.

When the 12 spies entered the land of Canaan to bring back The report of the promised land, they returned with various perspectives on what they saw. They reported to Moses that the land was just as God had promised. There were houses, they would not have to build, vineyards they would not have to plant, wells, they would not have to dig. 10 of the spies reported that the sons of Anak were there, and they were giants! The 10 referred to themselves as grasshoppers in comparison to these giants. The two other spies, Joshua and Caleb, reported the same view of the land, except they saw it through the truth that God had spoken...while the others stated what they saw through only facts. 

Facts are what appears in the natural, but truth is the way things appear through the eyes of God. We must look at the principles of the contrast between facts and truth. Something may be factual, but not necessarily truthful. God told the Israelites, the land was theirs. The ones who saw the land through truth, eventually were able to inherit the land. The 10 who saw the promise of God through circumstantial facts died without ever entering into the rest of their inheritance. Blessing will, at times seem to be factually impossible, but through truth and blessing, unwavering believers will inherit God's intended favor. 

Blessing and cursing... life and death, are in the power of the tongue… My prayer is that the Holy Spirit will give us all a great understanding of the God-given ability to live out God's TRUTH in every part of our lives.

We must always stand on what God has said not on what we see… Red Sea moments happen because faith is not logical.. it is trusting that God will see us safely through all of our circumstances to the other side, no matter how treacherous the waters seem… God's plan is always to deliver the seed of the righteousness, to deliver us from all evil, to bless and prosper us, to give us hope and a future! Behold, He is doing a new thing can you not perceive it?  Be still, and know that He is God! He spoke and the whole world was formed… What do you need today? 

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