Friday, March 20, 2020

Gods Perfect Peace by Nina Keegan


Today I was reading in Isaiah 26:3
And it was such a great reminder…

"Open the gates,
That the RIGHTEOUS NATION  which keeps the truth may enter in.  You will keep him in PERFECT PEACE, whose mind is stayed on you, (God) because he trusts in you. Trust in the Lord FOREVER for in the Lord, is everlasting strength.

I love when God points a word out that I know I have read so many times but all of a sudden it seems way more relevant… Highlighted, if you will… I always know that God is trying to show me something.. He is trying to give us a word for how we are all feeling.

There are many great talking points  in this scripture but what stopped me and made me want to research this more was the words "perfect peace"… What is the difference between peace, and God's perfect peace?

When I researched the translation from Hebrew, I got the word SHALOM which means nothing broken, nothing missing! I have heard that before, but when the word says that God will keep us in "perfect peace" He is implying everything that the word shalom implies.

The word shalom implies, health, happiness, well-being, peace, and  restoration. The translation for the word "mind," When the scripture tells us we can have perfect peace when our mind is stayed on God, is not the usual Hebrew word mind, but rather is a word meaning "creative imagination".
Isaiah's thought is that he whose creative imagination, which is the seat and foundation of all plans and ideas, is firmly founded on the eternal Lord, will enjoy shalom,"perfect peace", in all its implications.

God is literally giving us the blueprint to have his perfect peace… Let's keep our mind stayed on him! … Let's focus on the things of God, let's focus on the truth of God's word, let's keep our mind free from the enemies lies, let's keep our mind free from fear, and let's keep our imaginations focused on peaceful things and not on the things which  can bring about fear and dread!

This scripture also says that the righteous nation which keeps focusing on the truth of Gods word are the ones who are going to enter His open gates… This is what we need to remember in times like this… When everything seems like chaos and confusion all around us, we must remember to stay focused on God and rest in his perfect peace… We can ask for God's perfect peace, we can remain in his perfect peace... God would not tell us to keep our minds focused on him , if it was not going to bring a positive outcome..

Let's not let our imaginations run wild… Let's let our creative imaginations be filled with visions of love, restoration, and the peace of the Lord which surpasses all understanding… Let's ask God for his plans, his strategies and what to do next…
When God restores, He multiplies… We are not objects of wrath… We are God's children, we are a nation he calls blessed… And when we rise up in prayers of faith, we will see God raise up a standard against the enemy that has come in like a flood…
We will see God's hand rescue us in this time of trouble!

So let's trust God, stay in his perfect peace, and watch him move powerfully!

God already had a plan in place before we ever needed one… And when we build our foundation on the Rock, JESUS,… We will see his perfect peace and his plans will prevail! When we trust in the Lord always, we will see that He is our everlasting truth and our strength!

God bless you all and I pray God's perfect peace over each and every one of you, that you would have the mind of Christ, and that you would renew your mind daily to focus on the promises of God… I pray God perfects each concern you have and I pray against all fear… Let's replace fear with the perfect peace of the Lord… In Jesus name!!!

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