Sunday, April 1, 2012

Choosing your thoughts wisely by Nina Keegan-Owens

Do you ever think about what you've been thinking about? I "think" it's very important to continually renew are minds and do a maintenance check, a tune up so to speak and clean house on some of the things we spend our time thinking about.
If things seem to always be going wrong in your life, if you are sad, or depressed, take a minute to think about what you think about! I am positive your thoughts are dictating your life, you are what you think you are, as the mind thinks, the man follows . Our thoughts are very powerful. We really need to spend some quality time with God and get our thoughts in line with His.

I'm sure we have all seen those old cartoon images where a charactor has an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other, both whispering in his ears telling him what to do... I really dont think that's to far off from how things really work. Our thoughts are not our own, they come from one of two places... Good, loving, secure and positive thoughts, come from the Lord, and all of our negative, insecure, and anxious, thoughts come straight from the enemy himself.
The enemy is a liar!! A thief that comes to steal and destroy! We only need to train our minds to recognize the lies when they pop in our heads and cast them down before they take root and wreak havoc on our days, our lives! It's very simple, we get to choose what we are going to spend our time thinking about, we get to change our thoughts like changing the TV channel with a remote control. That however, is the easy part, the harder part is catching ourselves in action and recognizing what we are thinking about. We must pay close attention and weed out the negativity, the more we are able to filter our thoughts the easier it will be to change them!

The key is to know the difference and to be able to imediately decipher where our thoughts are coming from so we can change them before they snow ball into real issues that then affect the quality of our daily lives.
Knowing the word of God is knowing the truth! The Bible says it's true unto you according to Gods word. (2Cor 1:18)

So if all of God's word is the truth about our lives, It will show us what we should do, what we can have, who we are, how we were made, and how much we are loved, then that's what we should believe and that's all we should be thinking about. We can replace a negative thought with a positive thought... A God thought!
When we think wrong, we believe wrong, when we believe wrong, we act wrong!
The enemy wont rest until we are so messed up that all the "I'm not good enough, nothing good ever happens to me, I will never amount to anything,I cant do anything right," thoughts dominate our every move, we become depressed and our lives are like a derailed train that from our perspective could never get back on track.
Nothing could be further from the truth!! Can you ever imagine our wonderfull Lord that created us in His image filling our minds with anything even the slightest bit close to those types of thoughts? No!! Never!! But, unless you do know the truth by knowing the Word, you have no defense, no armour to block those arrows of deception that are constantly being slung at us.

We must learn to control our thoughts, we must arm ourselves for the battle of good verses evil and always be prepared.

(2 Cor. 10:3-5)
I am delivered from the power and authority of darkness. I cast down all reasonings and imaginations that exalt themselves against the knowledge of God, AND I BRING EVERY THOUGHT INTO CAPTIVITY TO THE OBEDIENCE OF GODS WORD!
Every thought should line up to what God says about you or cast it down!

What we think about gives us the ability to either program our lives for success or failure, We have free will, the power to choose, God gives us the tools but He's not pushy, He is always waiting though to pick us back up, stand us up tall, and to dust us off , saying"lets try this again!

I am filled with the KNOWLEDGE of God's will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding. His will is my prosperity.(Col.1:19)

When we are filled with the correct knowledge of God its like being on Jeopardy and knowing all the answers, or filling in the blanks on a true/ false test and getting them all correct.
The more we catch ourselves in the act of thinking negatively the faster we are able to change our thoughts and change our lives.

I take the sheild of faith and quench EVERY fiery dart that the wicked one brings against me.( Eph.6:16)

I am submitted to God and the devil must flee from me because I resist him in the name of Jesus.(James 4:7)

I encourage you today to get in agreement with the Lord about your lives and guard your thoughts and your minds, for if you will change your thoughts, you will change your life!

Precious Father, help us to think about what we are thinking about, help us to keep our thoughts lined up with what your word says about us. Give us wisdom to know the difference and the knowledge to make wise choices according to your word! Thank you father!
In Jesus name!

Your thoughts are the architechts of your destiny!

Charles O Mckay

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