Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Going Through the Tough Times, by Nina Keegan Owens

Many of us are going "through"some pretty tough times right now or have gone"through"hardships in the past. Whether it's relationship issues, a financial crisis or a health concern, it seems there is no exemption, no free pass, no getting out of trials free card.
We all have tribulations to get "through"!
The term "going through" itself can imply that our trials are temporary, it means, pushing forward, moving on, pressing in and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, it means we can see the exit sign leading us out of the tunnel entirely.

Psalm 34:19 says many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord himself will deliver you THROUGH them all.
He will deliver us!!!! That's not a maybe, or an I'll have to think about it!! It's a bonafide promise from God!!
Putting our problems in God's hands and our trust into His love, we cast our cares into His infinite wisdom. This ensures us that we WILL get "through" it all exactly as God desires. God does not give us trials, but allows them in our lives as faith stretchers. Each hurdle that we can overcome through our faith makes our relationship with God that much stronger. We learn to fully rely on God to see us "through"it all. He does not give us anything we are incapable of handling, our problems are not bigger than our God, our God is bigger than our problems. Realizing that simple fact puts everything into perspective. It gives us a strong footing and roots us into the promises of God. We must not put Him in a box, we put limits on God every time we try to figure things out on our own.
I am reminded of the story of Job, this man was a wealthy family man that loved the Lord, he went through a horrible trial during which he lost everything.. His family, his health, his wealth. "Through" it all , Job never once waivered in his love and trust in God even when things were so bleak that in the natural his situation was very grave. Because of his faith, God restored everything and much more back to Job, he came "through" it better than he could have ever imagined..God made a way when there was no other way.
Try seeing your problems from God's viewpoint, nothing is to hard for Him, this realization gives us a starting point, a place to sit back in our V.I.P box seats and watch the mighty hand of God do what He does best... Love us!! His desire is for us to be the complete package, happy, healthy, protected, loved, and secure.

Luke 17:6 says If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you could say to this mulberry tree,may you be uprooted and thrown into the sea and it would obey you.
A mustard seed?? Have you seen the size of the mustard seed? it's a mere spec, yet I believe that the fact that you are reading this right now, shows your faith is entirely larger than a tiny seed. What huge mountains we can move with the right dose of faith!
God can and will see you "through" all you are facing today, sometimes just when you are about to give up and all hope seems lost is when you will get your break through. It's always darkest before the dawn... Keep the faith!!

Heavenly Father, thank you for guiding me THROUGH every trial .. and not giving me more than I can handle, please give me the faith and the wisdom to persevere. I love you! In Jesus name I pray!

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  1. Amen. And I love that GB Shaw quotes. Thanks.