Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Seek God's wisdom in everything you do. By Nina Keegan-Owens

I am sitting on a brightly colored adirondack chair outside of my son's dorm building on a beautiful college campus in Bryn Mawr, PA. It's 75 degrees, sunny and a slight breeze sends the scent of flowers through the air. It's spring and everything is in full bloom. There is a rustle of leaves in the many majestic trees lining this historic campus that is steeped in tradition. Students are walking by heading to classes. It is so peaceful here.
I am taking a break from helping my son pack up his chaotic dorm room. I find it funny the way he and his roomate have made this small, messy, clothes scattered, space a place they have called home for the past year. I have mixed emotions as I am collecting his things and placing his entire freshman year into tidy, medium size boxes purchased this morning at the local UPS store.
A whole year of stuff waiting to go home, back to Houston. Summer vacation has found it's way here once again, for many young college students, there will be changes, packing, moving, growing. Young adults everywhere will be heading back to the familiarity and love of home and family, or heading into the work force forever changed by their college experiences. Some get to return to home cooked meals and folded laundry, back to being a kid again, granted, a big kid .. but a kid none the less. Changed? Possibly.. stronger? sure.. older... wiser? yes....of course!

Wisdom, ahhh such an important thing to have, with God's wisdom in our lives, everything just seems to make more sense, the path seems more "well lit", easier to follow, with wisdom comes clarity, experience and knowledge. We can say "yes" to things we may have never thought we could, would or should have ever said yes to without wisdom.
Wisdom causes us to grow in faith, the Bible tells us to make wise choices according to the word of the Lord...
Which tells me that the Word of the Lord is the book of wisdom, knowledge for the taking, we can ask for it, pray for it, receive it.. Who wouldn't want to be a little wiser?
As I sit here thinking about how wise God is, I realize how many times He has placed me on a path that seemed so wrong for me, I would always however come to find out just how right it was, God is the king of hindsight, always reminding us that He knows best. We need to trust Him no matter what, even when we have no clue why we are where we are or for what reason... rest assured, the reason is pretty significant to God and His wise plan.

I am reflecting on the past year and how bold Kris was to go so far away, with millions of colleges and universities in this country to choose from, we are here in PA., right now watching God's infinite wisdom unfolding, feeling not quite so random but very on purpose...here I sit, wondering how we got to this place and how God can throw curve balls better than any major league pitcher on his best day.

My son is considering continuing his college education at a school in Texas, next fall. He wants to be back home, closer to family. Closer to what's familiar. He was so sure this was the school for him, and he was right about that... It was part of his journey if only for a year. There were life long friends God wanted him to meet, wonderful golf coaches were placed in his life, of course there were classes he needed to attend and many fabulous golf courses he never would have had the chance to play had he not spent a year on the East Coast. Maybe it was designed to be a growing expirience for him, preparing him for other things down the road. He's well able to use airports and train stations with ease and is not afraid to venture out and try new things. He is very comfortable outside of his "comfort zone"! No amount of time or expiriences are ever wasted when it's from the wisdom of God. There is always a reason behind the season.

My son's path may be changing now, a fork in the road ahead but, what a wise choice God made for Kris for his freshman year away.
Kris was able to throw caution to the wind and trust the well executed , wise, plan of our almighty God and he is much better off for it. He is ready and willing to go where God has planned for him to go next! He is following his heart and believing the dreams he has for his life are dreams God wisely has given him. Every stop along our path is filled with purpose, enjoy the journey and the gifts of wisdom you gain along the way.

Heavenly father, we ask you today to fill us with your Wisdom that we can make wise choices according to your word! Help us to stay on the path you have wisely planned for us!! We thank you and praise you! In Jesus name!

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