Friday, April 20, 2012

Finding your purpose by Nina Keegan-Owens

Purpose? If you do not yet know what your purpose here on earth is, keep reading because you are about to find out.

We as Christians, hear so much about this simple 7 letter word, it is nothing fancy, it's more of a flying under the radar type of word, but oh how we wrestle with the definition... What does it mean? By definition, purpose means and end or a goal by which one strives for. Are we not all given a specific, highly individualized, purpose from God? What is our purpose? How do we begin to find out? What if I don't like my purpose? Can I get a raincheck, or trade mine in on a newer model, one that's a little shinier, one with more pizazz perhaps? Can we get a purpose on a trial basis to be changed out later at a more convenient day and time? Does God only give us 1 purpose each or do we get several? Does purpose stay consistant or is it constantly changing? Questions?? Tons!!! Some people will spend a lifetime in angst trying to figure out the confusion that lies within the unearthly answers to those elusive questions.

I'd like to think the answers are much less high tech than all of that, I actually think it's all quite simple but as humans we like to complicate everything, our minds are like a virtual spin class that goes 100 mph even on the steep hills, never yeilding, never stopping, always chasing something. We are always trying to "get it right". We think up all sorts of grandiose ideas about the type of lives and purposes we think we should be living.
We scheme out elaborate plans, calculated maps so to speak about how we will attain our countless goals.

Could it be possible that we, while earnestly seeking our elaborate purposes are actually missing the bigger picture? The real purpose?
I believe we all have the exact same purpose, all equal, fair and square, we all start with the same amount of chips on the game table. After all, God is no respecter of persons right? Acts 10: 34-35

So here it is, the answer you have been waiting for.
Our purpose is to love God... Period!! Yup, that's it.. Simple yet magnificent in God's eyes. We simply, are here to glorify Him, love Him unconditionally, unceasingly, and infinitely. We are to show others who He is through us. We are to set examples for others by walking in His love, and by living each day as if we are on an highly specialized assignment from God.
The very real, simple, mundane, tasks we do on a day to day basis, can exemplify His love and give us purpose. You are where you are on purpose so embrace each and every wonderful new day. Giving an encouraging smile, or a compliment, can change someone's whole day. Offering to help someone out, volunteering your time, or even cooking dinner for your family can be filled with purpose. Taking care of a scraped elbow or knee with a bandaid and a kiss, reading a beautiful bedtime story to your child as they fall asleep in your lap, these things have amazing value and purpose. Being a shoulder to cry on, a loving, accepting, spouse that does not always have to be right, being the person first to forgive, the first to say" I am sorry" these small day to day things all can change attitudes and lives and help you live deep in the midst of your God given purpose. Doing your job, your school work, your house work daily with pride and without complaining as if you are working for God, loving each other unconditionally, and being able to overlook the flaws and faults in ourselves and others is everyone's purpose. These are all ways that we show God how much we love Him. God does not expect perfection, He only expects us to try our very best. We need to be thankful every day for the opportunity to love and be loved. All of these tasks we do day in and day out without giving it much thought, is actually us living out our purpose here on earth. These are the things that matter, the things that count more than you could ever begin to imagine. These simple things, when all done in unison as one body of Christ can be the most amazing purpose fulfilled! The purpose of God smiling down on us and saying,"Job well done my good and faithful servant!"

Ecc 3:1
To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven.

Prov 19:21
Many plans are in a man's mind but it is the Lord's purpose for him that will stand

Dear Lord help us to fulfil our purposes everyday and stay focused on the little things we can do daily to set an example for others. Help us to appreciate all that we have, and where we are right now. Thank you for loving us. We praise you in Jesus name. Amen!!

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